Should I be Blogging?

Winning the Internet with effective blogging

It’s in every ‘How to Win the Internet’ guide book:  Keep your content fresh with a blog and you will attract your customers, master Google and build your engagement.

Sounds great, fab and groovy.  The problem here is the method and the message, or as I like to say:

What are you trying to say with your blogging?

Blogging because some guide book tells you it’s the right thing to do is ok, but what if you have no real direction or clear message?  What if you are blogging just for the sake of blogging?

Think of it this way, the internet is like a road (or an information highway) and it has millions upon millions of people traveling along with their own hopes, goals and dreams.  Some people are simply looking for a dancing cat or some delicious bacon, others are looking for the meaning of life, and then there are some that are looking for things that you and I probably wouldn’t even dream of looking for.

Now picture yourself walking along the crowded footpath (or sidewalk for my American friends) with no real purpose or objective.  You’re kind of just strolling in the general direction of the traffic.  You see someone you know, let’s call him Bob, and you divert your course to intercept him.

‘G’day Bob, how’s things?’ you ask.

‘Not bad mate, been pretty busy with work and stuff’ replies Bob with a quick look at his watch.

‘Yeah, but how about that weather Bob?  It’s such a beautiful day.’

‘Yeah, it is good.  I’ll catch up some time and we can talk all about it’ and Bob rushes off into the crowd.

Bob has now rushed off and left you standing there feeling a little ‘well that could have gone better.’

Now what if you actually had something important to say?  Some real reason to stop Bob and add value to his day?  Sure Bob would still have been in a hurry, but maybe, just maybe your passion for your valuable piece of information would have intrigued Bob enough to get a little bit of his valuable time.

And this is the point of this rather long winded blog, have a reason, a purpose, a WHY!!!  If you are blogging (or posting on social media for that matter) without a clear direction and no real value to add to the daily life of Bob, well you are really just more white noise on a highway full of white noise.  And then you are easy to ignore.

This isn’t all doom and gloom.  You are obviously passionate about your business and you love what you do.  You started this enterprise with the ambition of changing the world, and that is what it’s all about.  The good news is it’s really quite simple (with the right guide) to take that passion you have for your unique brand and turn that into engaging, page turning content that sells.

All you need to do is define your WHY and then get Your Copy Right…  Boom Tish!

Get Your Copy Right