About You??? Isn’t this supposed to be About Us?

Not at all, this is all about you…  Does the following sound like you:

  • Can’t find your own business on Google?
  • Having trouble writing for your business?
  • Not quite sure how to work the social media machine?
  • Don’t have time to spend on social media?
  • Advertising is not making the phone ring?
  • Website is not converting into sales?

Your Copy Right are the creative spark you need.  Change “We are business X and we do this and we do that…” into creative, benefit driven, magical sales copy that is easily found and becomes $$$.

  • Be different
  • Stand out from the crowd

Who are we?  Who? Who? Who? Who?

Our mission is simple. We succeed when you succeed. By creating effective written word campaigns we help businesses attract customers. When you attract customers; we are are happy, when we are happy; you are successful. Oh, and we want to create a page about Google that outranks Google on Google; just for giggles.
Be creative. Our simple philosophy is to always be creative. It’s only creative if it sells.
We promise to work with you to create great content, awesome social media campaigns and amazing advertising copy. We promise to help you unleash your creative spark.

Some of Our Happy Clients