‘Hoo Ha Heh!!!  You smell pretty; wanna smell me?’

A classic line from the one and only Johnny Bravo.  Sure, he was a complete buffoon, but he also had some subtle life lessons thrown in and some especially important lessons for when you are writing content.

If you aren’t familiar with Johnny Bravo, take 30 seconds out of your day and watch this clip:

I can almost see the skeptical smiles on your faces, ‘Ian’s lost his marbles this time’ is coming through loud and clear, but stick with me here, it will all be worth it in the end.

Without any further stalling here is:

The 3 things Johnny Bravo taught me about content

  1. Have a purpose…  Now Johnny’s purpose might have had less than admirable intentions, but he certainly did have a purpose.  Johnny identified his targets early and was always determined to achieve his goals.  The guy never let up.  So next time you sit down to write some content, think about your purpose.  Is your purpose for writing clear enough to be well understood by your audience?
  2. Keep it simple…  This one was a bit of a no-brainer where Johnny was concerned.  There were no airs or graces with Johnny; what you saw was what you got.  A similar tactic with your content writing is required.  If you can’t explain what you are trying to say simply, you don’t understand it well enough yourself.
  3. Have passion…  Again, Johnny’s passion was abundant and probably a little misplaced, but it definitely was passion.  Passion sells, it’s as simple as that.  Are you excited about your content topic? Does it feel like it just needs to burst out of you?  If you aren’t passionate about what you are about to write; don’t write it!!!  It will show in your writing.

So there you have it, Johnny may have appeared as a bit of a numbskull, but hidden beneath that relatively simple exterior was a book full of life lessons that can be applied to great content writing…  Probably a bit of a stretch, but I hope it’s been a little entertaining and educational.  Feel free to jump over to our Facebook page and let us know your thoughts…  Cheers